The words Amatsu Tatara are not well known. However, the knowledge of the secret scrolls and books of the Amatsu Tatara are well known to special Japanese scholars, martial artists and spiritual experts. It is very difficult to explain the Amatsu Tatara because it is traditionally intended for a special grandmaster or special priest. For this reason it has been kept very secret.

Shoto Tanemura is the 58th Grandmaster of Amatsu Tatara Bumon (martial arts) and Shumon (spiritual). He feels the time for his true mission has come and that is to show the world what Amatsu Tatara is.

Amatsutatara Hibumi Scrolls
Amatsu means Heaven or Nature. Tatara means the highest secret teaching system of Martial Arts and original Shintoism spirit.

The Amatsu Tatara Hibumi (secret scrolls) are special scrolls about all Martial Arts, Spiritualism and Humanism. These were written about 700 BC by the King of Mima as the history of Japan. Tatara Isuzu Hime-no-Mikoto was given these scrolls. She then married the first emperor Jinmu and gave these scrolls to the Ohtomo, Nakatomi and Mononobe families (families loyal to the Emperor).

Sometime between 700 BC and 500 BC, The King Mima drifted from the ancient Babylonia Caldia Kingdom to Japan with three attendants and they lived on Miwayama mountain (Nara Area). He formed a good friendship with the chieftain of Japan Amaterasu Ohmikami and made great efforts in controlling Japan. This is why he was made a Kunitsu Omi Muraji (Minister).

King Mima brought the special Kubikazari (necklace) which was made of 72 Magatama (jewels). The Kubikazari was not only for just fashion which was the symbol of a King. It had very important meaning and was used for fortunetelling as well. King Mima presented it to Amaterasu.

Hiboko-no-Mikoto followed King Mima to Japan. Hiboko was a great Shaman and brought Tokusano Kandakara (ten kinds of Gods treasures) of Shikin. Shikin means Rei-jutsu (spiritual techniques by truth consciousness.).

In 500 BC or 550 BC, several hundred Buddhist Vader people of the Malay race attacked Japan and fought the emperors army of Miwayama. The emperor's army fought and defeated them. From the battle the Japanese emperor's army designed weapons, created how to use them, and also how to win (strategies). From that time until about 10 AD a special scroll was written; the Amatsu Tatara Hibumi-no-Ikkan (original main secret scroll of the Amatsu Tatara) which includes all special techniques, philosophies, Tenmon (heavens things), Chimon (earth things) and others.

Shinmei Shii-no Hiden Scrolls
The scroll Kumano Shugenjato Michishirube and Takamatsu Sensei's notes explained these titles. The main scroll was transmitted to the Nakatomi family (after the Kuki family) as Amatsu Tatara Nakatomi Hibumi (Kukami/Kuki Bunsho 36 scrolls), Ohtomo family as Amatsu Tatara Kishin-no-Hibumi (Ohtomo Bunsho 18 scrolls), Mononobe family as Amatsu Tatara Hisshin Ginkoroku (Mononobe Bunsho 22 scrolls) and Abe family through Nagasunehiko as Amatsu Tatara Rinpo Hiden (Ohhikonagaden, Abe Bunsho 30 scrolls). The total 106 scrolls of these 4 families are called Shinmei Shii-no-Hiden and these scrolls were stored in the Edo castle treasury by the order of the 3rd Shogun, Iemitsu Tokugawa in October 1640.

First teaching of Amatsutatara
By Ohtomo Bunsho, in November of 683 AD, Emperor Tenmu had ordered Hayato Abe to the teach the Martial Arts of Kenjutsu, Sojutsu, Taijutsu, Heiho etc. to the Eastern soldiers in Japan with the scroll Amatsu Tatara Hisyo Hiteino Maki.
In August of 688 AD, Emperor Jito had ordered Hayato Ohtomo to teach the martial arts of Kenjutsu, Sojutsu, Bojutsu, Hokojutsu, Taijutsu, Gunryaku Heiho etc. to the Western soldiers of Japan with the scroll of the Takamagahara Tatara Gorinsyaku Hiteino Maki.

By Mononobe Bunsho, in August of 688 AD, Emperor Jito had ordered Tabito Ohtomo to teach the martial arts to all Japanese soldiers with the scroll Tatara Kitono Maki.

This is the beginning of the teaching of Martial Arts in Japan for the public as ordered by the Emperor.

The teachings of the Amatsutatara were opened to the world in the first ever seminar of its kind held in Meath, Ireland in 2009.










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