Kids Martial Arts

Our Young Ninja children’s classes are for 5-13 year olds and are taught in a fun filled environment where emphasis is based on teaching the child awareness and how to escape from danger. 

Traditionally, children were taught these techniques through games and play and it is still the case today.  Ninpo helps build the child’s awareness of danger and teaches them effective self defence. 

The classes are also designed to improve the child’s co-ordination, communication and to teach them discipline within a martial arts environment that filters through to all aspects in their lives. Through this system children learn to maintain a level of cultured discipline that allows them to be strong and decisive in all environments including home and school as well as at the dojo (training venue). They develop a keen sense of awareness and emphasis is placed on their natural ability and energy allowing them to develop the necessary crafts to handle any encounter.

Ninpo is an ancient martial art dating back 2,700 years in Japanese recorded history and is passed through the generations via family lines.   

There are many martial arts today that in recent years have given themselves titles such as master or grandmaster but the age old traditions taught within Genbukan Ninpo have long since maintained the true lineages of their teachers and so have enabled the transmission of traditional techniques and martial values to pass into modern times.

The youngest tradition taught within our system is 500 years old. It is important to know and understand the depth of anything that you learn so kids learn as much about  strategy, history, tradition and manner as they do techniques. 

True martial arts are for defence only.  Ninpo is not a sport.  There are no competitions, or rule systems.  Many people nowadays are afraid to learn martial arts as they feel they need to be big, strong, fit or tough.  This could not be further from the truth.  Ninpo uses natural strength and teaches technique.  Anyone, including women, children and weak people can learn to protect themselves and escape in times of danger.  Nobody should be discouraged from training because of experience, age, size and least of all gender.

The Japanese character for ‘nin’ in Ninpo refers to perseverance in the pursuit of a clean heart/spirit while ‘po’ refers to the eternal truth of all things.

The training and development of each student is based on the traditional Japanese values of discipline, manner and good etiquette.   Primarily the main focus for children is to enjoy themselves while ingesting a natural ability to escape from danger

Parents are encouraged to stay, relax and enjoy watching the kids classes. It is a great place to meet new people.  

We are living in times where discipline is very difficult to teach so it is up to us as Martial Artists to keep this alive and pass on the benefits of a disciplined mind to our kids

Classes are formal to enable clarity and safety and there is a beginner’s class every week.

‘It is better if a child can see danger and escape before anything happens’.

© Genbukan, K.J.J.R., Amatsu Tatara are Copyright, Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura, 2008