Training in Ireland

Genbukan Eire is structured according to the direction of Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto and is as follows:

Kyoshi Martin O’Raghaillaigh
Shibu Cho & President

Renshi Brian Duffy
Dojo Cho & Vice President

Seamus O'Rínn
Dojo Cho & Regional Director

Under these three titles are Other Dojo Cho (instructors) and Honbu staff that ensure correct teaching and maintain the high standards of Genbukan in Ireland.
Genbukan Ninpo was first established in Ireland in 1997 by Shibu Cho Martin O’Raghaillaigh opening the first dojo in Co Cork. There are presently fifteen dojos around the country.

Training in Ireland is passed on in the traditional Japanese way, as it is in the Honbu Dojo Japan. The training is strict but relaxed with high value placed on etiquette and good manners. Although the training is strict it is enjoyable and relaxed. This is necessary in the development of character and understanding of ‘Butoku’, Martial Virtue.

Each Dojo in Ireland is run on its own merits and principles. Chief Instructor Martin O'Raghaillaigh teaches at each Dojo on invitation ensuring that every Dojo receives direct teachings from Kyoshi level in the Genbukan.

Your true Martial Arts level is not depicted in how fast you kick or punch nor is it shown in how many techniques you can do. Your true level is reflected in how you bow. It is in your manner and what you give to others.
All beginners are welcome to the Genbukan where you will learn first how to defend the body. This enables you to develop awareness, self confidence and a level of fitness. You do not have to be big, strong or even very fit and age is of no concern. Your level of fitness and ability will develop over time. At a later level the student will advance to the study of sword, staff and much more.

Because there are no competitions in traditional Martial Arts they have often been misunderstood. The reason for this often stems from the fact that we live in relatively peaceful times. It must be understood that traditional styles developed in times of war where they were at the forefront of the martial arts. Most modern styles developed in times of peace over the last hundred years or so. In a battle there was a simple teaching ‘you live or you die’ that is why the spiritual teachings of the Martial Arts were so important and remain so in Genbukan. It is not just a matter of continuing a tradition but realising that our history makes us who we are so we have to learn by this. There is an old Ninpo verse that relates this through each generation ‘It does not matter how many times you die’. This does not mean that you throw away your life but you accept any happening in your life.

When you fall down in the dojo thousands of times in training you get up again until you have absorbed the teachings. This is the physical that leads to the understanding of true defence.

All Genbukan instructors train directly under Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto and all students regardless of grades are encouraged to travel to the Honbu Dojo in Japan and train under the Grandmaster. It is the duty of all instructors in the Genbukan to help students who want to reach the source of Ninpo achieve this and train in Japan.

If you would like to begin training in Ireland please locate your nearest dojo and find out times and days of sessions. Please use the contact details supplied should you have any queries.

As a matter of ettiquette it is requested that you arrive early for class and introduce yourself formally to the instructor. Loose comfortable clothing is desirable (tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and clean socks are ideal) Students should be a minimum of fourteen years of age to train in an adult class there is no upper age limit. Students under fourteen years of age can participate in the many childrens classes that are held throughout the country. If your local dojo doesn't hold a childrens class this rule may be reviewed.



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